Real Dungeon Crawling


Welcome to Deep Dungeon, a fantasy comic that brings the world of Dungeon Crawing into an illustrated story!


​Flora Intevelia is a fifteen-year-old common lowerclass girl who lives with her family in the town of Mino. She loves taking hikes in the forests and mountains in the surrounding countryside. She is best freinds with Beltodt Delvevir, a rich, sixteen-year-old upperclass boy who lives in a large mansion. After tragedy strikes while the two are on a hike in the mountains, Flora, returns traumatized, and spends the next three years without leaving Mino in fear of the outside world. However, one day, after hiking to the top of the mountain to gather a rare fruit said to boost one's courage, she meets a lantern that leads her to the greatest adventure she will ever face: a journey into the bowels of Xeclefeu, the legendary deep dungeon.

About the Comic

​Deep Dungeon features manga-styled art created in by ArmyFrog. The artwork gives a wide spectrum of color in it's clever use of shading, rarely if ever using the same hue twice. All the artwork, the characters, and the storyline belong to ArmyFrog. (Don't worry he's a nice guy, you can use it as long as you give credit.)

About the Author

​ArmyFrog is a fifteen-year-old computer artist who lives in Florida, USA. He's been creating computer art, including sprite art for five years as a hobby. His program of choice is He proudly disproves the beleif that is useless for creating art. ArmyFrog is an alias created for his life in the internet, and highly dislikes it's use outside of the internet.


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